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  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

    We had a blast at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. We ate lunch by the water, watching the ferry and water taxis drive by. But most of all, we enjoyed riding on the carousel and taking in the breath taking views of the Manhattan skyline. 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Carnical

    The children had an amazing time at the carnival. They enjoyed all the various bouncy houses and games, but most of all they enjoyed all the yummy snacks, such as cotton candy, popcorn, and nachos

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Field Day

    Enjoying a beautiful day in Prospect Park for Field Day. We had an amazing time having a picnic together, playing game and rolling down the hills. 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Science Fair

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Green MeadowPetting Farm.

    The students had a great time visiting the Green Meadow Petting Farm. They learned about new animals such as, alpaca's and silky chickens. They also got to feed cows, sheeps and goats, but the best part of the trip was riding ponies and the hay bale tractor ride. 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Week of May 13th's Homework Contract

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Pajama Day

    Looking comfy in our pajamas. 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Week of April 8th Homework Contract

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • School Pride

    showing their school spirit!! 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
  • Identifying Number patterns

    In math we're learning about identifying number patterns. Students were taught to use a number chart to help find their number patterns. 

    1-147 Ms. Amin
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