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  • Current Units of Study

    Reading- Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power

    Students will increase their reading fluency and comprehension skills.

    Writing- Book Reviews

    Students are writing reviews based on their personal collections.

    Math- Money

    Students are learning to identify and use appropriately coins & bills.

    Social Studies- Urban, Suburban, & Rural Communities

    Students are learning similarities & differences in these communities.

    Science- Properties and Patters of Water

    SEL- Solving Problems Collaboratively



    2nd grade T. Nicholas & N. Stewart
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Second Grade is Having Fun While Learning!

Social Studies Curriculum

Social Studies overall theme: My Community and Other Communities

Essential Questions-

  1. How does geography influence where people live and why?
  2. How and why do communities change overtime?
  3. How are communities the same and different?
  4. What is government and why do people need laws?

Science Curriculum

Science overall theme: The properties of land and water, and how they relate to life on Earth

Units of study-

  1. Properties and patterns of water
  2. The changes of land over time
  3. Plant and animal interactions

Language Arts Curriculum


Mathematics Curriculum

Coming Soon!