PS 335 Visitor Policy

 Granville T. Woods Letterhead 


PS 335 Visitor Policy


Dear PS 335 School Community, Parent & Guardians,

As we are still in process of mitigating the contraction of COVID 19 as well as ensuring the highest degree of safety for our students and staff, the following protocols have been implemented.  As you are aware, the building is co-located with PS 335 Elementary School and MS 898 Middle School.  The responsibility of ensuring the safety of all students in both schools falls on both administrations.  However, the policies described in this letter are specifically for PS 335 Elementary School.


The  policy for arrival and dismissal will be as follows:


-All students will enter the school building through the main entrance located at 130 Rochester Ave.

-To alleviate congestion and to ensure that all safety precautions are actively being implemented during this very active time, parents will drop off students at the main entrance front door located at 130 Rochester Ave.  

-All students will be permitted to enter the building, with 3K/Pre-K and Kindergarten students  receiving support by school staff members to walk a few feet to the auditorium and be received by their teachers.  



3K/Pre-K/ & Kindergarten students will be dismissed from Exit 5 the auditorium entrance located in the back school yard at 2:20 PM.

Grades 1-5 will be dismissed from Exit 4 located in the back school yard.  Students will be escorted to a designated line space in the school yard from which parents can pick up their children.


School Visitor Policy

All visitors must show proof of at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination to enter a DOE school building. Visitors do not include students attending school or school related activities in a DOE school building.

Effective Monday, October 17th, visitors who require support in the main office will be allowed to enter the building with proper ID and proof of vaccination.  Visitors will be escorted to the office one family at a time to be supported.  If there are multiple visitors, they will be asked to patiently wait in the auditorium for their turn to be seen.  Due to staffing constraints the office will be open between the hours of 9:00 and 10:30AM  in the morning & from at 1:15-2:20 PM.  If parents need an alternate time, please contact the school to make an  appointment.

Acceptable proof of vaccination is one of the following:

or WHO (Open external link)